The Director’s Corner

Welcome to the most important path of my life’s journey, which took off in Mumbai when I was born in 1998. The perfect beginning saw me spend my childhood in Mumbai itself followed by the basic education I received at Greenlawns High school to kickstart my career.

My journey of as schoolboy took a u-turn when I completed my under-graduation from H.R. college of commerce and Economics. A sudden taste followed by a hunger to learn more about finance crept into me. This was followed by excessive reading of books, following the news and trying to create a decent understanding of everything.

The jargons followed by the complexities of basic concepts and formulas disheartened me. Thats where the dream to talk to the world, build a public platform to talk on, converse and discuss to understand and know more made me reach my final and ultimate destination to convert to a “financial blogger”.

My dreams and my passions followed by the news , case studies , discussion with my finance tutors and college professors got me the inner energy to give back to people who have or willface similar crisis situations of getting disheartened when the journey has just began.

Yet with grace and a sincere understanding, my life’s journey becomes a part of yours as well, and we together will overcome all the obstacles we face and demolish the fear and ignorance we bow down to in order to reach the source of light that will have us educated, nurtured , and well equipped to fight and achieve the best for one’s self.

It is in this capacity that I hope and pray that you will understand , educate and speak up to anything and hold healthy conversations via comments to everything I write and express my views on . I hope you will enjoy this as a small expression of my humanity, solemn resolve, and love for all my readers. The only thing I expect is respect love and support for all my future endeavours in this project.


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 Writer, Director and Founder.

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